Grieving Hair Loss


Embracing hair loss isn’t easy. Grieve, it’s ok, actually it is normal.

I wish I could tell you it was easy. I can’t. What I can tell you is that understanding your solutions makes the process much more manageable. So first and foremost: It’s ok to grieve your hair loss.

We understand. Working with many clients who have had both temporary and permanent hair loss has allowed us to understand and help you through the the process.

Temporary hair loss from chemo or some type’s of alopecia comes with the comfort that we just need to bridge this moment in time.

Permanent hair loss can be more challenging because of the obvious.

In time, it does get easier especially if you have familiarized your self with the multitude of options available to you. For some it can open up a whole new world.  When you think about how much time, money and effort is expended on perfecting your tresses and realize you can have exactly what you want by exploring the different options that are now available.

The next perk is your wig/hairpiece.

With proper care, it will stay the way you purchased it. You just don’t have the maintenance involved with your own hair. Just think, no roots in a few weeks, no grey peaking through, highlights and a haircut that doesn’t grow out. None of the usual upkeep our original tresses require.

The initial outlay of money is sometimes overwhelming to comprehend but if you total up all that you spend throughout the year you will find it pretty much runs about the same costs without requiring the time natural hair can ask of us.

One of the perks many seem to enjoy is the ability to change cut, color or length without the commitment. Many times hair wearers will choose to have a few different looks to enjoy in a moments notice or whenever the mood suits them.

The greatest fear we come across is most do not want hair to feel heavy or hot. With the cap selections today, many wigs (in several different price ranges) are extremely comfortable to wear. You can be as active as you would like when you select the right cap and hair. It’s possible to have a style you can even wear off your face or in a pony tail.

Grieving hair loss is ok, it is actually normal. Then come visit to learn about your options our private salon can offer you with total discretion. For your piece of mind.

After all, your hair is our business and your privacy, our main concern. Call (203) 987-5948 ext 1 or visit

YO GA-Ta Believe | Alternative Hair Solutions

Young woman with flowers
Young woman with flowers

Yoga is a holistic mind/body medicine. I know now that it improves strength, flexability, and balance while promoting a spiritual sense of well being.

HOWEVER, I must admit that there was a time when yoga conjured up cartoon like images in my mind. Ladies with hefty bouquets of hair under their arms and long grey braids cascading down their backs, bending their bodies into pretzel like positions, sometimes making mysterious sounds. I wondered what planet they were from as I stressed over my real world responsibilities of a single mother trying to balance a career while raising a son?

My current liberated attitude about yoga- the Life Saver, was hard won. A dear friend who weathered a life altering experience with the help of yoga implored me to consider trying it after I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. She promised I would feel stronger and more in control of my life, which was currently out of control.

I felt hypocritical, but, what did I have to lose?

Truth is, what I gained was irreplaceable- pleasure, hope and strength. It taught me to think about tomorrow, not yesterday. I took an active part in clearing those toxins out and helping my body return to health. Deep breathing calmed my tension and anxiety and gave me a wonderful feeling of well being.

The moral to this story is why waste time and energy on doubt? Resilience is an understated fountain of youth- when life knocked me down, yoga gave me the vitality to get back up!

I experienced my own personal growth though yoga, it made me become my best self.

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