Personalized Services

Restore your hair and your confidence

Common causes of hair loss in women are alopecia and chemotherapy. Alternative Hair Solutions specializes in hair replacement for people with medically induced hair loss. There is a scheduled initial consultation to offer personalized solutions to each individual. In our totally private environment we conduct customized fittings and styling resulting in the most comfortable, natural looking and undetectable hair attachments. We can match the look, color and style of your natural hair or we can give you a new look all together.

“We’ve got you covered” 

Our Services Include:

  • Patented Hair Grafting with loyalty program
  • Selection and fitting of wigs and hairpieces
  • Templates for custom wigs
  • Custom color matching
  • Cutting and Styling including non-chemical wet set for curly styles
  • 5 step deep conditioning program
  • Proper care instruction on purchased hair
  • Maintenance appointments
  • Alterations & sewing repairs
  • Medical receipt for Insurance Reimbursement * note- does not guarantee coverage by your insurance company. Check with your carrier. We do not assume responsibility for processing insurance.