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As someone diagnosed with breast cancer I didn’t want to be part of “The Club” so when it was offered to me to go for a Look Good Feel Better session, immediately I said “No,thank you”. After all, I had a terrific support team and the last thing I wanted to be reminded of was my diagnosis. Somehow I believed by not being associated with support groups, I was somehow handling my own journey. I was strong. I was different then others.

How silly of me! I can only tell you that now. I am a fully certified volunteer for the program. Each month, I have the privileged of being present with some of the bravest and beautiful woman I have had the pleasure to meet. When the session begins we are all strangers with a common denominator: the big C. As the session ends we are all team members ready to fight back on the identity loss that can come from this illness.

We share tips and walk you through a step by step program that the American Cancer Society has worked long and hard to provide. There are fabulous make up and skin care products available for each participant. It is also a great resource for wigs both human and synthetic including care and tips on other accessories.

This is the first part in a series I will be posting about. I am interested to hear your questions. Please feel free to comment.

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Young woman with flowers
Young woman with flowers

Yoga is a holistic mind/body medicine. I know now that it improves strength, flexability, and balance while promoting a spiritual sense of well being.

HOWEVER, I must admit that there was a time when yoga conjured up cartoon like images in my mind. Ladies with hefty bouquets of hair under their arms and long grey braids cascading down their backs, bending their bodies into pretzel like positions, sometimes making mysterious sounds. I wondered what planet they were from as I stressed over my real world responsibilities of a single mother trying to balance a career while raising a son?

My current liberated attitude about yoga- the Life Saver, was hard won. A dear friend who weathered a life altering experience with the help of yoga implored me to consider trying it after I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. She promised I would feel stronger and more in control of my life, which was currently out of control.

I felt hypocritical, but, what did I have to lose?

Truth is, what I gained was irreplaceable- pleasure, hope and strength. It taught me to think about tomorrow, not yesterday. I took an active part in clearing those toxins out and helping my body return to health. Deep breathing calmed my tension and anxiety and gave me a wonderful feeling of well being.

The moral to this story is why waste time and energy on doubt? Resilience is an understated fountain of youth- when life knocked me down, yoga gave me the vitality to get back up!

I experienced my own personal growth though yoga, it made me become my best self.

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