Hungry for Hair Growth


There are foods that can help your hair grow faster. If you are playing the “waiting game” and it seems like your strands are growing in slow motion, foods that you eat (or apply) can aid in the process.

According to trained nutritionist (from Harvard and Yale Medical School) Jayson Calton, PHD and licensed nutritionist and fitness chef Mira Calton, CN there are foods that can help your hair grow faster. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • SALMON – Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids promote a healthy scalp. Healthy scalp equals healthy hair.
  • NUTS/SEEDS – are getting their share of the limelight. Different types have different characteristics. They can be rich in Omega 3, fatty acids, biotin, vitamin E or copper.  For example: walnuts are a source of both essential fatty acids and flaxseed. Almonds have high biotin content. Biotin is a water soluble vitamin of B complex and is a star element which helps keep your hair shiny and lustrous. One cup of almonds contains almost one third of your daily requirement. Sunflower seeds can provide you with an abundance of Vitamin E that enhances blood flow to the scalp promoting faster hair growth. These vitamins also protect your hair against damage from the sun and act as a shield when you venture out.
  • EGGS – not only a source of Omega 3s but also the aforementioned Biotin. Unfortunately, the yoke is where it is contained, so beware if you are the type of person who prefers egg whites only. Too many egg whites can actually block absorption of biotin causing a depletion of the micro nutrient.
  • YELLOW BELL PEPPERS – are loaded with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens the hair shaft and follicle. Vitamin C boosts collagen that will protect hair from breaking. Citrus fruits and strawberries are also good.
  • SWEET POTATOES – contain beta carotene, the precursor for vitamin A.
  • OYSTERS – rich in zinc which aids in the production of Androgen. Being deficient of the mineral Zinc is a known contributor to hair loss because that contributes to poor scalp conditions.
  • AVOCADOS – they receive a lot of positive press lately; however, they are actually an age old beauty secret. If you apply it topically to hair and scalp, they have the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Avocados can also become an exfoliator if mixed with a product like sour cream that contains lactic acid. Ten minutes on the scalp can do the trick to help exfoliate dead skin and clean out the buildup on the scalp.


In essence, you can eat your way to faster hair growth. Visit our website or call us at (203)987-5948 Ext 1 to discuss options for you to enjoy as your hair is growing in that will help make an easy transition for you.

Photo credit: Mike65444 via / CC BY-SA

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