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This upcoming week while spring should be making its debut here in the Northeast, flowers aren’t the only thing that will be in bloom! You might notice your hair looking and feeling fuller it is because your hair can hit peak anagen (hair growth) during this season.
It is no secret that heat expands and cold contracts which can explain why hair is fuller in the warmer climates or seasons and limp in the colder climates or seasons. Hair is affected by the same thing as plants: moisture. Moisture stimulates growth so humidity (cold or warm) will stimulate growth.

Electricity or fly away hair we generally see during the cold winter months generally happens because there is no moisture in your hair or in the air (DRY HEAT) temps below 32 for an extended time.

In addition, to maximize growth you may find that adding protein, zinc and iron to your diet (perhaps a grilled salmon or chicken over spinach once or twice a week) can make a difference over a few weeks time.

Another idea for when we are between seasons, consider treating yourself to a topper that can help add the fullness spring brings.
Please be aware, Toppers (also can be called wiglets) are not a one size fits all. To ensure a perfect fit you need to consider where your hair loss/thinness is and what you would like to achieve from your topper. They are available in both synthetic and human hair.

Synthetic toppers are what you “see” is what you get. Human hair toppers can be styled and colored to suit your personal style. They usually require a professional touch, a point to consider when choosing where to purchase one.
Many times a salon or studio will only service what they sell so they can be sure of the quality, type, styling ability and origin of the product.
Happy Spring and hats off to fuller hair  Visit our website www.althairsolutions.com

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